Video Game Music - Ludum Dare 40 | Pixel Forest, Dollhouse, & Critters Inc

Well hello there!

It sure has been a minute since my last post. I've been busy recording an Audiobook and setting up some other very exciting projects that'll be happening in 2018 here at The Solar Studio! More to come on all that in a future post.

On to the business at hand!

So, I got some new virtual instrument softwares on Black Friday (I didn't leave the house PS) and got a chance to use them for the Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam!

Pixel Forest (named after the fact) was my first attempt at music for our game. Turned out a little too happy and "foresty" for our game (very grateful to have a team who is honest and will speak up when their BS meter goes in the red), but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this silly little chippy tune :)

New instructions from the team: Make it more industrial and not so happy.
Me: Otay!!

I should mention that I recently started re-watching the Dollhouse TV series (sooooo gooood), and I think the melody (or at least that minor #7) is part of me now.

This is what came out for my 2nd attempt. Again my team's BS meter started pushing the red. WAY TOO INTENSE! And also too mysterious... When it's not right for the game, it's not right for the game.

So, here is an homage track to the incidental music in Dollhouse (That music was written by Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen. Hats off to you both. This music is my original composition. Copyright me 2017).

Okay, so new instructions. Can you make it less intense, but still urgent, but also kinda chill, but not too chill because your character is a dude at work rounding up monsters with a leaf blower and you might get your head bitten off at any point...?

We have a winner! 

I present, Critters Inc.

You can play this game here: CLICK ME!

Closing thoughts: Never turn down an opportunity to create music as quickly as possible. And never turn down critical feedback from team members. It just means you get more practice and the final product will be that much better.



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