SpinTunes 12 - Song Writing Contest - Round 1

I joined a songwriting contest!

SpinTunes #12: Round 1 Challenge

Party Mix - Write a song from the point of view of someone who just won or lost an election.  It could be a recent election, one from the past, or even a fictional one.  It doesn't even have to be political.

Background Info on my Song:

I've been watching a lot of the show Reign lately which got me thinking about how (in a way) kings are "elected" to rule by a system that society created long before they were born. It also made me think about how when a king takes the throne it means that his parents (or at least his father) had to have recently died which makes it also a very sad time, but he must do what needs to be done regardless.

I had a ton of fun with this challenge; I used an a-symmetric song design to keep the drama very linear. I'm the sole performer on this track and also did the engineering, mixing, and mastering.


Taken by death too soon
My father lies in his tomb
Cold and at peace in her shroud
I'll do my mother proud

Coursing through my veins
Is a liquid made to reign
Destine to rule from birth
A godsend to this Earth

Royal blood lives in me
Royal blood lives in me
Royal blood lives in me
But royal blood ain't all that turns a man into a king!

Royal blood don't make a leader
Won't make you strong
Can't guide your conscience
To right from wrong
But in this country's hour of need
I'll be exactly who you need me to be

I'll be your king
I'll be your king
I'll be your king
I'll be your king

With royal blood
This royal blood
My royal blood

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