Global Game Jam 2017 - GlitchCraft - Circuit Breakers & Super Sumo Ball

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with two great teams on a couple video games as part of the 48 hour Global Game Jam. Over 70,000 people participate in the jam each year in over 90 different countries at 700+ jam sites around the world. Our jam site, GlitchCraft, made 31 games this year, all of which can be downloaded for free here:

Here is the music I created over the weekend.

Circuit Breakers:
Tesla and Edison square off to see who's version of the Tesla coil is stronger. Head to Head Puzzle action!

Super Sumo Ball:
You're a sumo, trapped in a giant hamster ball! Knock the ball out of the stage to score points. Make sure to be the last one to get a hit though, as someone else can steal your points!


Hope to see you again soon,


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