Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 47 | Autumnal Reminiscence (Original Piano Improv)

Guess what!? It is week 47 of 2016, and I'm back to working on the Seasons Past series which is based on artwork by Alison Albrecht. Autumnal Reminiscence is the final installment in this set.

After this post, there are 4 weeks left in the year! Over the summer I wrote a piece for water called Calming Water. So, to finish out the year, I'll be creating music for the rest of the Elements; Earth, Air, and Fire. This will leave me with one additional week to round out 2016. Not entirely sure what I'll be doing for that. I have jury duty the last two weeks of the year, so maybe we'll have some sort of court room inspired music. We'll just have to wait and see. But for now, here is Autumnal Reminiscence.

See you next week!


Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 46 | Midwest Game Jam - Winter Still - Video Game Music

Hello hello,

Welcome to week 46 of 2016! I just had the pleasure of attending Gamer's Rhapsody 3. While there, I participated in the 2016 Midwest Game Jam. For those of you who don't know, a game jam is where you get a bunch of developers, artists, musicians, writers, and more together to create a video game within a certain time limit. These people may or may not know each other. They are always super fun and a great networking opportunity. This jam went from 10am on Sat - 10 am Sun (this morning). The theme was "Winter Wonderland."

There were A TON of musicians at this one, and not a lot of developers, so I decided to take a crack at making a game myself. My minimum viable product was a 3D landscape that could be explored and would have different music based on where you went. I can't believe I made this start to finish in less than 24 hours.

I took the name for my game from a piece of music I wrote a few weeks back. Winter Still is a sonically interactive, snowy mountain exploration experience. I created all the music in Pro Tools using mostly EastWest Samples. A lot of the 3D assets are from the free-to-use Infinity Blade set. I created the landscape/map/texture, placed and scaled the assets, and programmed the music transitions accordingly using Unreal 4.

The game can be downloaded for free here (Windows 64-bit):

To see the rest of the games, visit:

Lastly, here is a playlist of all the music I created for this game.

See you next week!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 45 | Spring Awakening (Original Piano Improv)

We're getting down there! Week 45 is here. That means we have only 7 more Things to go. I'm continuing working on my series of piano miniatures based on the seasons and artwork by Alison Albrecht. I'm really happy with the way these are turning out. What a fun project to be a part of.

Also, this is neat, I just noticed Those Who Make Sound just reached 7500 blog views. Very cool!

I don't have a lot more to say about this piece, so I'll let the music and visuals speak for themselves.

Enjoy :)

See you next week!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 44 | Winter Glow (Original Piano Improv)

Hello again,

I'm am back to working on music based on the paintings of artist Alison Albrecht! She has made an amazingly beautiful series of paintings based on the seasons and the elements. Over the summer I created music for "Summer Garden" and "Calming Water." Today I am sharing with you my music based on her painting of winter. I am calling this piece "Winter Glow." I know I probably should have worked on autumn next considering the beautiful fall weather we're currently having here in Minnesota, but, I was inspired by winter, and you can't argue with inspiration. So here it is :)

Thanks for watching/listening. See you next week with more piano music and more art!

Until then,