A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 46 | Midwest Game Jam - Winter Still - Video Game Music

Hello hello,

Welcome to week 46 of 2016! I just had the pleasure of attending Gamer's Rhapsody 3. While there, I participated in the 2016 Midwest Game Jam. For those of you who don't know, a game jam is where you get a bunch of developers, artists, musicians, writers, and more together to create a video game within a certain time limit. These people may or may not know each other. They are always super fun and a great networking opportunity. This jam went from 10am on Sat - 10 am Sun (this morning). The theme was "Winter Wonderland."

There were A TON of musicians at this one, and not a lot of developers, so I decided to take a crack at making a game myself. My minimum viable product was a 3D landscape that could be explored and would have different music based on where you went. I can't believe I made this start to finish in less than 24 hours.

I took the name for my game from a piece of music I wrote a few weeks back. Winter Still is a sonically interactive, snowy mountain exploration experience. I created all the music in Pro Tools using mostly EastWest Samples. A lot of the 3D assets are from the free-to-use Infinity Blade set. I created the landscape/map/texture, placed and scaled the assets, and programmed the music transitions accordingly using Unreal 4.

The game can be downloaded for free here (Windows 64-bit):

To see the rest of the games, visit:

Lastly, here is a playlist of all the music I created for this game.

See you next week!


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