A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 44 | Winter Glow (Original Piano Improv)

Hello again,

I'm am back to working on music based on the paintings of artist Alison Albrecht! She has made an amazingly beautiful series of paintings based on the seasons and the elements. Over the summer I created music for "Summer Garden" and "Calming Water." Today I am sharing with you my music based on her painting of winter. I am calling this piece "Winter Glow." I know I probably should have worked on autumn next considering the beautiful fall weather we're currently having here in Minnesota, but, I was inspired by winter, and you can't argue with inspiration. So here it is :)

**This post has been updated**
As of 04/27/18, this work is available at my website as part of my album, Until the Light.

Get your copy by CLICKING HERE!

Thanks for watching/listening. See you next week with more piano music and more art!

Until then,

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