A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 39 | Inside the Music Box for Solo Piano

It's time to play the random inspiration game. Was looking for an intriguing title to inspire a piano improv, and landed on "Inside the Music Box." Not much more to say about this one. Hope you enjoy this whimsical, angular little thing.

**This post has been updated**
As of 04/27/18, this work is available at my website as part of my album, Until the Light.

Get your copy by CLICKING HERE!

Oh hey, guess what else, this marks the completion of the 3rd quarter of the year. Only 13 weeks left! Welcome to fall! Next up I have a few more Composer Quest Olympics as well as more music based on Alison Albrecht's art. We're going to make an album with 8 pieces based on the seasons and the elements. The visual art is done. Time to make the music!

Until next week,


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