A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 36 | Angel for Solo Piano

Hello again!

It has been one heck of a week. First of all, I have been working my butt off on the new studio space. I'm not sure I've mentioned it here before, but we are adding solar panels to our home which is also our studio space. SO, by this time next month, finger's crossed, the new studio space will be done and I'll be making music off the sun!

Hey, I should post a picture of the progress...It isn't pretty at the moment...

So this first one was from last week. I was cleaning out the suspended ceiling and pulling it away from the wall so we can frame in on top of the block.

And the second one is a picture after adding the insulation board. This should help keep it warm in the winter and help reduce sound coming in from outside as well.

Anyway, I've been burning the candle at both ends and actually ended up sick for the past few days here. Finally starting to feel better today. So, I've been ending my days for the past week by watching some good old comfort TV. We're re-watching the Angel series. I forgot how good these were. For some reason this music reminded me of how dark and brooding Angel can be. Hence, the title.

For next week, I'll be working on more Composer Quest Olympics. This next event is ping pong. I'll be collaborating with another composer going back and forth each note. This will be interesting!

Until then,


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