A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 25 | Up for Piano & Strings

Hey, guess what!? We're approaching the half way through the year mark! Week 25 is here!

I'm releasing this a day early because I had time to make something today, but tomorrow I'll be marching and playing trumpet in the freedom band for the PRIDE parade in Minneapolis. I'm super pumped for that. We're playing "We Like to Party" and "Thriller." If you live in the Twin Cities, you should come on out :)

I felt inspired this week to make something that sounds hopeful because I thing that is what we all need right now; don't you agree? Whatever it is that you're working on, or working towards, or hoping to achieve, just keep at it and good things will happen. Onward and Upward.

I hope you enjoy this little 'thing' for 2 pianos and strings.

Until next week,


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