A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 20 | Bitter Plants (Video Game Music)

Hello again!

Week 20 of 2016 has arrived and with it we have some VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!

A few weeks back at GlitchCon I had the pleasure of meeting a ton of  talented game developers and artists. I highly recommend attending next year if you a developer, or gamer, or interested in video games at all.

There, I met Darrel Cousey of Lakehome Games who is currently developing a really great puzzle game for Android called Bitter Plants. Turns out he was right at the stage in development where he needed music!

Creating the music for this game has been a very interesting and innovative process (and somewhat of a puzzle itself). For hardware memory sake, we wanted to be able to make around 3 minutes of music last a whole lot longer and not be too repetitive. Without getting too technical, I wrote the music so that it can be broken down into much smaller pieces based on the phrases (usually around 4 bars). These pieces can then be randomized to be played in any order. This way the music is always slightly different each time it is played. In other words, it can be looped over and over while not always being an exact copy of the last time it was played.

I ended up making music for 3 different ensembles as well (which are not interchangeable). So the pieces of one set can randomly play for several minutes, then the pieces of the next set can randomly play for several minutes, and so on.

Click the Bitter Plants link above or go to http://www.bitterplants.com/ to check out the game and try it out on Google Play for Android.


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