A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 11 | Weather Patterns for Trumpet & Piano - Part 1 - Work in Progress

Here it is folks! The first look at the upcoming trumpet song cycle.

I'm so excited for what this piece is becoming. It's been really fun working with Kate on the trumpet parts. It's always extremely gratifying to write music for such a skilled musician.


Update: Something goofy happened when I was moving my videos over to the TWMS YouTube channel, and the original footage was corrupted on my computer...no clue... Anyway, here is the video of the final product. Part 1 is the first 1:42.

Next week we'll be working on the 2nd song/2nd section of the work. Time to experiment with some electronics  >:)
(That is supposed to be a devious smiley face if any of you are wondering...)

Until then,


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