A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 10 | Found it! - Whirlwind Piano Part

Found the motive I want to use for the piano part! To me, "whirlwind" not only describes the feeling of this little ditty, but also the way the year has been flying by. Double digits! Week 10 is here!

I've already begun laying down some trumpet ideas to go with this piece. This will be song 1 of the trumpet song set. I believe last week's will end up being song 3, and the week before that will be song 2. Time permitting, Whirlwind may also make a reprise as a 4th song to close out the song cycle.

Looking forward to working on this project more and sharing the final product as part of The New Ruckus series at Studio Z in St. Paul on April 12th with Kate DeVoe on trumpet.

See you next week!


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