A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 8 | Piano Improv - The Start of Something New

This week's thing reveals a glimpse into my creative process.

To give some background, in past weeks with improv I've often been sitting at the piano playing around long before I hit record. I'm usually just playing around without intention of recording when I come across something that I like, I mess around with it for a bit, and then think to myself, "Hey! I should record this!" While the videos I've released that I've called "improv" are definitely still improvised, they are somewhat more refined and I started recording when I already had some ideas in my head and fingers.

This week is something quite different! This week, I decided I would set up my camera, hit record, and then sit down as a blank slate. This is typically how I approach composition. I improvise for an extended amount of time. I decide what I liked about it. I work out those ideas further. Then I record the ideas (with pencil and paper if I have time and am looking for a zen experience or with an iPhone if I'm in a hurry).

Starting today, I'm working on writing a piece of music for trumpet and piano for my wife, Kate DeVoe, and myself to play at a New Ruckus new music event on April 12th at Studio Z in St. Paul. So this week, you get to see "The Start of Something New." I plan to expand this out a few minutes longer and obviously add a trumpet line as well. Watch for an update on the progress sometime in March.

...oh wow! Just realized March is only two days away. Just about time to get the piano tuned :-D


See you next week!


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