A Thing A Week - 2016 - Week 4 | Global Game Jam - Video Game Music!

What a weekend! I love being a part of game jams. It feels so good to be surrounded by so many creative minds and highly passionate and motivated people.

This is my 2nd year at the Global Game Jam which is a global event with over 600 jam sites around the world. The objective is to find a team and make a game from start to finish with 48 hours. Our site here in Minneapolis, MN is hosted by Glitch at the U of M and is called Gamecraft.

Similar last year, I ended up working with 4 different teams. (Being an audio and art guy, it is a little easier to work on multiple projects since you are not responsible to make the thing actually work). Hats off to all the programmers!

One thing I'd like to mention in regard to my creative process while being part of a 48 hour game jam, is how the time frame really helps me be to highly prolific. By the nature of the beast, you are required to be very confident and decisive. There is no time to second guess your ideas. I'll admit, for the Zen Garden game I did work for a few hours on a completely different idea, but then decided to scrap it and start over. So glad I did. When time is of the essence, you must have quick editing eye (ear) while be attentive to details, but not let it stop you in your tracks. It's all about having an end product that works.

Below is a list of the games I worked on and Soundcloud players for the music. Click the game name to go to the Global Game Jam site, play the games, and more!

Full disclosure, not all of the games are 100% playable...yet. There is a follow up meeting and presentation of all of the games next Wednesday, Feb. 10th, so be sure to check back after that as the games will be more complete and functional after that point in time.

So, without further ado, the music!

Zen World:
Place different seeds in different areas of the zen garden and see what grows. Each type of seed has a small sound that can grow into several different full musical themes depending on where you place it within the garden. There are endless possibilities to create your own beautiful garden and soundscape.

Here is a full cue of the of the ambient zen music that exists as the canvas for you to place items on and watch/hear them grow:

Here is a full cue I made to show off the a potential final result (...with some artistic liberties...I am the composer so I can do what I want...Buahahahah!):

...and now for something completely different!

My cats are famous! Ruby and Aggie are the stars of this game. Late night in Da Kitty Club lookin' to get some tail. Purrrfectly mimic the moves of dat curvy feline on the dance floor and you could be the luckiest tom cat this side of the Mississippi. Step outa' line and you'll end up at home alone face down in a sad, heaping pile of cat nip.

Here is a full cue of da hottest track eva' spun...Drake, gimme a call. Lets collaborate :-P

....and another 90 degree turn!

Tiki Torcher: (Yes, it's a pun).

You must appease the gods’ need for blood by sacrificing mortals into the molten lava of the fiery volcano. Fight for your life in the depths of the volcano in this multi-player death-match. The gods WILL get what they want. The only question is, will it be YOUR blood they receive?

...Lastly, I was approached within the final hours of the jam by some jammers I had worked with last year. They needed music...NOW! I was happy to help them out. 

Escape, Goat!:
You play this game from the very terrifying perspective of a farm goat. Among the cartoon-like guise of a scenic pasture, you are ruthlessly and relentlessly hunted by the farmer. Run for you life! ...The thing that is totally F.U.B.A.R. is that THIS IS REALITY FOR COUNTLESS EARTHLINGS. The advocate in me says, "Play this game and then reconsider you daily meal choices."
Here is the full cue. It may look and sound serene, but deep within your being you know there is only impending doom...Sorry to end on such a somber note.

Many thanks to all the Jammers I worked with over the weekend. I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more passionate, and highly dedicated/talented group of collaborators. 

Stay tuned for A Thing A Week: Week 5

Until then,

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