Global Game Jam 2015 - VRidDL, Dark Moon Gauntlet, The Bomb From Planet X, & Minneapolis Mayhem

This was my first game jam as well as my first experience writing music for video games. I had so much fun collaborating with so many amazing creative people. I can't wait for next year!

I ended up working on 4 different games. Some of which are even playable! LOL ;)


The first of which is a horror game for VR called VRidDL. You are forced to navigate a creepy hotel and solve riddles in order to find your escape. Here is a sample of the main background ambiance with some of the hits and stingers when crazy things jump out at you.

Play at:

Dark Moon Gauntlet

This next game, Dark Moon Gauntlet, is a platformer for PC. It has a couple cues/loops; one for when you are exploring and one after the castle start to cave in on you. We decided on a chippy meets medieval meets orchestral sound. I think we got there.

Play at:

The Bomb From Planet X

This is a 3D game for PC. It is styled like a 1950s horror film in which you control an alien bomb that rolls around a desert town. Your goal is to guide the bomb out of the town before the timer counts down and blows the unsuspecting town to smithereens.

Play at:

Minneapolis Mayhem

This is a Rampage style game where you act as Babe the Blue Ox and beat up on the city of Minneapolis. Good times :) ...AND! You can actually play this game here: Minneapolis Mayhem!

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