The Morning Routine - Short Film

Hello again!

This video is super random and kinda weird. It was made by me and a group of students as part of a film contest group at Augsburg College circa 2006. I'm trying to even remember the idea behind it...something about a guy who's job is to be a curling stone. There was a challenge to include a gag/joke, so we put an intermission in an already very short film. Like I said, super weird student work. Enjoy at your own risk...

Running Guy: John Olson
Guy who accidentally steps into apartment shot: Collin Pearson
Curling Sweeper 1: Jenessa Stark
Curling Sweeper 2: Bryan Schumann

Produced by:
Jeff Swenson
Jenessa Stark
Bryan Schumann

Shot by:
Jeff Swenson

Edited by:
Bryan Schumann

Original by:
Bryan Schumann

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